Singing Groups

Over the past five years, Phoebe has found herself becoming more immersed into the world of vocal improvisation. Phoebe has trained with some inspirational teachers around the world in a range of techniques, styles and practices such as Circle Singing with Guillermo Rosenthuler, Vocal improvisation with David Eskenazy, and Musica do Circulo with Ronaldo Crispim, Zuza Gonçalves and Pedro Consorte. 

With a wealth of singing leading and community workshop experience, Phoebe is currently planning a series of Improvisation workshops and retreats called Vocal Playground. These will focus on exploring your creativity using only the resources of the body, connecting with other people and having all the fun! These workshops will draw on Musica do Circulo, Circle Singing and Collaborative Voice Improvisation. Phoebe will be working with collaborator and friend, Emma Coleman!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-16 at 10.11.04 PM

Phoebe’s first experience leading choirs was founding Brockley Voices in September 2012 and leading it for 8 years, arranging for and performing in various contexts, including Chorus Festival, Brockley Max Festival and Sing For Water. 

Phoebe has since lead groups such as St Ethelburga’s Interfaith Choir (pictured above), Travel By Song vocal group and LGBT’s Many Voices and one off vocal workshops for Goldsmiths Masters’ Courses, festivals including Wilderness and Womad and for community choirs including Borough Belles and London Sea Shanty Collective. 

Phoebe worked with Canterbury Christ Church, Sidney De Haan Research Centre by running weekly singing workshops for adults with mental health problems, and with UCL by running singing workshops for children with hearing impairments.

Phoebe has trained and is part of several musical singing communities including Choral Music Experience, of which she is currently level 3, and Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

20190803_172243Wilderness Festival, 2021

St Ethelburga's Spring Concert
St Ethelburga’s Interfaith Choir, Spring 2015


Brockley Voices, 2018


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