Vocal Playground – Weekend Creative Workshop

So excited to introduce to you a new weekend of collaborative and creative play using voice and body percussion in Stroud at the end of May! I will be running it with the incredible Emma Coleman!

Here is a bit about Emma:

Emma has organised retreats for facilitators, led a year-long online vocal improvisation course in the first year of the pandemic, and is involved in the organising and facilitation team for the first ever UK Vocal Improv Festival Retreat later this year. Here is the promotional video to get a flavour of what’s to come!

She taught the vocal improvisation strand on Let’s Play Musicians 2021, a week-long retreat for musicians with an emphasis on connection, expression and play. The focus questions for the retreat were:

  • How can we use music to move out of our heads and into our bodies?
  • How can we make group improvisation tight, dynamic and meaningful?
  • How can we better facilitate ‘in-the-moment’ music-making experiences anytime, anywhere, and with anyone?

Here is her Instagram page to give a flavour of what she gets up to!


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