Sound in the Round

After a wonderful retreat at Lets Play Musicians last summer, I got to spend a whole week with some wonderful musicians. We played with how we can create tight, meaningful, in the moment music. I very much fell in friendmusiclove with the incredible Emma Coleman and Liz Ikamba and we created Sound in the Round. We have now facilitated four in London, one in Leeds and soon in Brighton! Here is some more information about it!


Calling all music-makers from any musical background who wish to play, connect, experiment and exchange through music. Aimed at people who are comfortable with creating in-the-moment music, or willing and excited to have a go. All instruments and voices are welcome.


An invitation to explore in-the-moment, collaborative music-making.

We are Liz, Phoebe and Emma, three musicians in Brighton, London and Leeds each inspired by vocal improvisation and Musicians Without Borders principles. After a year and a half of restriction and isolation, we want to create space for musicians to come together and play, making music from scratch.

From experimental soundscapes to groove-led songs, we are fascinated by what it takes to make spontaneous music-making tight, dynamic, and meaningful. We’ll explore leading and shaping in-the-moment music, finding the balance between conductor-led and individual creative expression.

You will have the chance to make stuff up, lead others, follow other parts, harmonise, experiment with different ways of approaching your instrument, try new instruments, co-create conducting language, play in smaller and larger groups, listen, dance, enjoy, and more.

Focussing on musical nourishment, inspiration, and connection, these spaces are lightly facilitated, with an emphasis of confidence-building, exploration, and fun!

To check out some of the videos and photos and connect with the growing community:




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